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beautifully unique wares for little ones

Practices of everyday joy infuse all of       our handmade baby products.

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Pour some tea, stay a while, get lost in our 2022 collection.

"Definitely a customer for life."

"Saw these at the Philadelphia Flower Show—so glad I found this wonderful vendor again online! Beautiful workmanship, outstanding quality—definitely a customer for life!  Thank you!!"   – Judy, Customer

CHarming pieces that last a lifetime

The joy accompanying the new birth in your life should be matched by the joy behind their clothing. We felt that the pieces found in large department stores did not match the uniqueness that babies bring into our lives. Like your little one, each of our pieces has remarkable individuality and love to share. 

It is our hope that the products designed and

created at Avenue of Peace become family

heirlooms that last... and last… and last. Slow

fashion is sustainable and beautiful, due to a level

of ingenuity involved in our styles that you simply

cannot find at large, fast-fashion corporations.

"just perfect."

“Thank you, thank you!! Your baby wares are just perfect—the color, the size, the sweet flowers— just perfect!” – Joan, Customer

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