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For as long as I can remember I've had a love of all things tiny and working with my hands to create.  In 2010 I decided to leave my teaching career to dedicate more time to my growing daughters and caring for my family.  This decision also afforded me the opportunity to follow my long-time dream of starting my own small business: designing and creating wares for little people. I decided to call my endeavor 'avenue of peace' and  

I truly love what I get to do each and every day.

The name of my business was inspired by a family trip to Paris, France where I was introduced to RUE DE LA PAIX—the avenue of peace.  While the street is a fashionable shopping area in the center of Paris—full of couture shops and lovely boutiques—it's the words that captured my heart in a special way. It made me think, “shouldn’t we all try to walk the avenue of peace in our hearts and minds as we navigate our way on life's  beautiful journey?” I instill this question into our vision every day. 🤍


My products are made with high quality fabrics that are amazingly soft, comfy & cozy. They insulate in both hot and cold temperatures to keep little ones always cradled in comfort.  The hand detailed work makes each piece beautifully unique and genuinely one of a kind. Everything in the collection is handmade in Berks County Pennsylvania.


My wish is that the tiny souls that fill these wares always travel the avenue of peace in their hearts and experience much love, joy and happiness on their beautiful life journey.


In peace & love, from my heart to yours--


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Director of copy & Social Media

Maya Workowski is a wordsmith & activist hailing from just north of Philly. She founded Franklin & Marshall College’s intersectional feminist magazine and remained Editor in Chief for two years. She graduated Cum Laude in addition to receiving departmental honors for her original Creative Writing novel-in-progress titled, “Betweenity.” She has produced a comedy festival with popular comedians and her poetry has been published by several magazines. Fun fact speed round: ENFJ, Life Path 3, obsessed with typography, glitter and whole vibes.

You can follow her blog to find up-and-coming, eco-conscious brands that are changing our economy for the better.

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