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How Do Baby Clothing Sizes Work?

Because baby clothing sizes and baby shoe sizes can be tough to master, it’s important to have this info on lock so that when you’re shopping, you’re prepared!

How do baby clothing sizes work?

Baby clothing sizes vary from brand to brand based on what they deem is an appropriate height & weight range for each category.

Both baby clothing sizes & baby shoe sizes work much like adult sizing in that regard. Furthermore, each country has a slightly different way of sizing clothing and shoes. For example, a size 2 in the US for women’s pants is equivalent to a size 4 in the UK but a size 6 in Australia. They are all the same measurements but numerically coded differently.

Similarly, adults in the US would typically buy a size 1 for a 0-3 month old baby’s shoes, but a size 0.5 in the UK for babies 0-6 months.

As you can see, the numerical code and age range differs quite a bit. (Don’t worry—we’re not going to go into the math of all that!)

In this article, we will focus on how to use the sizing guides available. This approach is helpful for new parents, aunts, uncles, and others lovin’ on a new baby this season.

Are there different kinds of sizing guides?

Yes! As stated previously, each brand is likely to have their own size guide. There are a few metrics you can identify as the buyer that make this process easier, such as:

· Baby height

· Baby weight

· Baby age

· Previous experience with buying clothes for this specific baby (if applicable)

However, the best metric you can use is actually not a highly-quantifiable metric at all.

Trial and error! Yep, it comes down to that more often than you would think.

What makes trial and error so essential is that baby growth spurts add an ~extra dash~ of complexity to this process.

Want to know an easier way to go about all this? Check out our next section 👇

An Alternative Approach to Baby Clothing Sizes

Because many baby clothing sizes or size guides are “best guesses,” there are thankfully also companies attempting to fix that confusion. One such company is Avenue of Peace.

The sizing guide we use at Avenue of Peace is innovative because it incorporates an ever-present need of baby clothing: room to grow!

We create our sizing guide based on average foot size for that age baby, then add some extra wiggle-room for growth spurts. 😊 Because in addition to the general confusion around baby sizing, the baby clothing sizes commonly found in stores require constant sizing-up.

Rather than forcing customers to buy a new pair of shoes every few months, we create slow-fashion products designed to last growth-wise for months and then be handed down to the next little one in the family. It’s better for your wallet and our planet.

Kathy perfected this method in the early years of her venture with designing baby clothes after much of her own tinkering and trial and error. For example, our newborn size actually uses a 3-6 month pattern!

Finally, the baby clothing size guide Avenue of Peace uses works globally. Regardless of where you come from, age is the biggest universal marker you can use! 😊

It’s easy to understand regardless of background, and at the art festivals we merchandise in, people from all over the world come to enjoy themselves.

Each baby clothing size we carry contains enough room for your baby to effectively “size up” without having to get a whole new pair of shoes.

And looking at the number of our repeat customers, they like our sizing guide too!

If you want to check out our line, click here to see all the baby clothing goodness. Or you can check out our Instagram to join our community and see our clothing collection in action! ❤️

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